Shellharbour, Nowra & the greater Shoalhaven.

Suffice to say that an IVI vehicle inspection in Shellharbour, Nowra and the greater Shoalhaven. is a truly comprehensive rundown of a car.

Once the basic inspection has been completed, we we'll do a road test to get a sense for how the car feels on the road.

Some things—such as engine performance, transmission function, etc.—are difficult to assess when a car is in stationary position, so taking a car for a test drive can help us to learn a lot.


At Independent Vehicle Inspections, we always stand beside the work we do. It is our mission to help our customers make the best and most informed purchasing decisions possible, when it comes to buying used cars.

For that reason, we inspect every single component of a car closely before giving a customer advice on whether or not to purchase it.

We also don't pull our punches with the advice we give. On the contrary, IVI's inspectors examine vehicles for our customers in the same way they would examine vehicles for themselves. If a customer hires us for a car inspection in Sydney, that person can trust our word on whether or not the vehicle is worth buying.

Why? Simply because the advice we give our customers is the same advice we would give to family members. If we ourselves wouldn't be comfortable buying the car, then we won't advise you to do so either.
Once the entire inspection and test drive process is complete, IVI gives customers a full written report on the vehicle. The report includes an overall vehicle rating, which essentially tells the customer whether or not a car is worth buying.

The bottom line is this: don't purchase a new car without knowing everything you can about it. The inspection is a pivotal part to any used car purchase—part of the reason that our motto is...

'Before you buy, Call IVI!'


Independent Vehicle Inspections provides:

Comprehensive written inspection reports covering condition of bodywork, and any accident damage, safety and performance, mechanical condition, and a complete on-road test.

Instant onsite verbal report, written report provided by email same dayAll inspections carried out by experienced motor mechanics.

Mobile inspections across Shellharbour, 7 days, same day service.

Over 35 years of automotive industry experience
Genuine, customer-focused pre-purchase inspections, our reports are based on whether we would purchase the vehicle for ourselves or for a family member.

IVI has no affiliations with motor dealerships or auction houses and operates under a strict code of conduct.

inspection of electronic components of the car engine

The IVI Difference

At Independent Vehicle Inspection, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just a report. Here's what sets us apart:

Definite YES or NO Answer: Our inspections provide a clear and concise answer on whether we recommend proceeding with the purchase. Say goodbye to guesswork.
Experienced Motor Mechanics: All our inspections are done by experienced motor mechanics with over 35 years of automotive industry experience.
Instant Verbal Report: We provide an instant onsite verbal report, giving you immediate feedback. The written report is also delivered via email on the same day.
Customer-Focused Inspections: Our reports are based on whether we would buy the vehicle for ourselves or a family member. We prioritise your safety and satisfaction.
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